Matt Brown

UFC Fighter
10th January 1981
Xenia, OH
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Colleen Brown

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Who is Matt Brown married to?

Matt married his longtime girlfriend, current wife, Colleen Brown before moving to live in Washington. The duo hitched in the year 2010.

In an interview back in December 2016 during UFC 206, Jake retrospect a funny story of marrying his girlfriend few days after being arrested in Canada. Here’s what he had to say.

“You know last time I was in Canada; I was in Jail. So, I was lucky they even let me come over here. That’s a long story but I think it’s a pretty cool story that I think me and my wife were getting married in Vermont, so we are driving from Ohio to Vermont. In the border, they found two guns. I got charged with lying to customs, international smuggling of firearms. So, I went to jail for few days and got out and got married the next day out of jail.”

Matt and wife Coleen have two sons. They are twins and 6-year-old. Their name is Hunter and Conner. They were born in October 2010. Later, the couple moved back to Ohio, Matt’s hometown, to be closer to their families. Currently, the pair and the kids reside in Denver.

Matt Brown with wife Colleen Brown and Children

Matt Brown with wife Colleen Brown and Children

Originally from Clinton, Massachusetts, Coleen is a 2006 graduate of Clinton High School. She has worked at Hollywood Casino Columbus, Planet Beach Contempo Spa, Jet Night Club, and has also attended the University of Phoenix. As of now, she describes herself as a happy mother and loving wife.


Matt Brown married Colleen Brown after dating her for a long time. Matt and Coleen first met in Vegas when Colleen was 20 years old. Matt was there for a fight and Coleen had recently moved there to work at Jet Night Club. The pair bonded instantly, and Matt decided to move to Vegas with Coleen to be with her and also to focus on his training.

Furthermore, we have no records of his previous dating life.

Relationship Compatibility

Matt and wife Coleen enjoyed a day off to Vegas in May 2016. They were already missing their children. Such a loving parents.

Husband Matt and wife Coleen are a super compatible couple. They have been together for more than 16 years now. Both of them are in their mid 30’s. Matt is a successful MMA fighter and happy family man whereas Coleen is a happy mother and wife. There seem to be no tensions between the couple in regards to their financial and family obligations. Both of them are active on social networking sites and support one another on such sites.

Here’s what wife Coleen said in an interview with his busy husband. She is a supportive and loving wife.

The hardest part is a fight camp because Matt typically leaves for up to 2 months to train out of town. It is stressful, and it gets harder the older the boys get, but we make it work. I’m very blessed that I can travel with the twins while Matt goes away for training camp. I like to take advantage of the time that Matt is away from home to go to Massachusetts and visit my family.

Short Bio

Matt was born as Matthew Burton Brown, in Ohio on January 10, 1981. He graduated from Greene view High School and earned some bodybuilding experience before venturing out into the harsh world of MMA. Pre MMA, Matt was also able to recover from his drug/alcohol abuse problem. In fact, he got his nickname ‘The Immortal’ after he survived a severe heroin overdose. He soon transitioned from a party boy to a disciplined, aggressive fighter.

Matt Brown is a 36-year-old UFC star who currently ranks 19th in the UFC Welterweight division. He now flaunts Five Night Bonuses, including three Fight of the Night, one Performance of the Night, and one Knockout of the Night.

Humble in his interviews but aggressive in the ring. Brown is known for his “straightforward brawling” fighting approach. He favorite striking technique is flying knee.

Matt’s enjoys a solid UFC record of 22 wins and 16 losses. He usually wins his fights via KO/TKO and often losses via submission. From February 20124 to December 2014, Brown won seven consecutive matches defeating tough fighters such as Eric Silva, Chris Cope, and more, and earned the status of one of the title contenders.

As of now, he is expected to face Diego Sanchez, on November 11, 2017, at UFC Fight Night 120. Matt’s current UFC ranking is 19, whereas Sanchez was previously ranked but currently unranked, according to

Net Worth

According to, Matt Brown’s overall UFC career earning is $1,214,000, sponsorship and other category excluded. However, he hasn’t disclosed his total net worth. Nonetheless, many websites have estimated his net value to be between 4 to 5 million US dollars [citation needed, non-verified information].

At UFC Fight Night 40 event back in 2014, Matt earned a considerable payday salary worth $82000 after he won against Eric Silva. In addition to the wage, Brown also enjoyed extra $100,000 bonus after the fight.