Keanu Reeves

2nd September 1964
Beirut, Lebanon
6 ft 1 inch




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Married To

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1 (Stillborn)

Who is Keanu Reeves married to?

Keanu never married, engaged to a girl though. In the year 2005, he exchanged rings with Autumn Macintosh. No further information is provided in this content.

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Keanu Reeves and Autumn Macintosh

Keanu Reeves and Autumn Macintosh


Keanu started dating back in the 90s. His first girlfriend was Melissa Reigel, followed by Jill Schoelen, Sofia Coppola, and Sandra Bullock. He then dated Jennifer Syme for two years but broke up after being theirĀ child stillborn.

After her, he dated almost 11 other girls including Lynn Collins, Diane Keaton, Trinny Woodall, Charlize Theron, Cameron Diaz and Jamie Clayton.

keanu reeves and mysterious new girlfriend

Keanu Reeves and mysterious new girlfriend

The most recent girlfriend of her is still not known to the world. It is also not confirmed whether they are dating or is just a rumor. The new couple was seen walking in public place together.

Relationship Compatibility

Keanu dated quite a number of girls in his life, and any relationship didn’t go well for him. The last encounter with him was with a Transgender girl, so we expect him to be unique in taste too.


Born on 2nd of September, 1964, Keanu Reeves’ full name is Keanu Charles Reeves. He is one of the prominent Canadia actors and also a director. He is best known for top rated movies like Speed, The Devil’s Advocate and The Matrix series. Not just movies, he also contributed to dramatic films like Litte Buddha, Dracula and more.

Reeves is also known being a musician, as he worked for Dogstar and Becky bands for almost a decade. He was the one to write text for Ode to Happiness and to produce Side by Side documentary.

Reeves was expelled from the high school named Etobicoke School of the Arts. Before rising to fame as an actor, he used to be a sportsman. But, his problem with dyslexia lagged him in education. He used to play ice hockey from which he earned the nickname of ‘The Wall.’

His dream while in his teenage was to be a professional hockey player and to represent the Canadian team; but because of the injury, he had to leave the dream and move forward being in the acting field.

Net Worth

Keanu’s net worth is high enough to keep him in ‘A-class.’ His actual net worth counts $360 million which also includes his chopper worth $50 thousands and his Harley Davidson bike worth $28 thousand. Other than that, he hasn’t mentioned much of his properties.